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Dimitrovgrad - Historical and cultural sites

Sanctuary of the Nymphs and Aphrodite, village of Kasnakovo, Dimitrovgrad municipality

One of the most beautiful legends about love is the story of the servant of Rome Thracian Titus Flavius ​​and his chosen Claudia Montana.  The sanctuary of the nymphs near the village of Kasnakovo reminds of them. This is the best preserved Thracian sanctuary and the only nymphaeum in Bulgaria. In 1968 the object has been declared a national cultural monument. His story has a lot to do with it myths and legends. A small spring among the rocks has been chosen as the center of the complex. The sanctuary was built on the ruins of an ancient cult center that arose around karst mineral springs during the Early Iron Age. The place was revered by the Bulgarians in the late Middle Ages. Today archaeologists continue work on restoration and conservation of ancient buildings from the temple complex. The sanctuary has retained some of its ritual functions, and the locals still believe that the water from the spring is healing and sacred. This is the reason why mystical fairs are held every year forces in this place. On Midsummer's Day is organized "Feast of the nymphs and Aphrodite ”, dedicated to women - patrons of nature. There is a big fair also on the Ascension Day. Gifts are left in and around the springs, there are burned candles, sacrificial animals are slaughtered. An ancient pagan ritual states that the week after Ascension Day is the so-called "mermaid week". Then the divas are kind to people. Probably, this custom is associated with the cult of the ancients to the healing effect of the nymphs, the Thracian ancestors of the fairies. There is an asphalt road to the site, a tourist information center, parking and recreation areas.