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Dimitrovgrad - Historical and cultural sites

Medieval fortress - Hasarya locality, Stalevo village, Dimitrovgrad municipality

Medieval fortress - Hasarya locality, Stalevo village, municipality
Dimitrovgrad - The village of Stalevo is surrounded by three hills, the largest of which
it's called Hassar. It is crossed as if two hills had embraced fraternally.
They call them "Big Hassar" and "Little Hassar". On the "Great Hassar" there is
Thracian sanctuary and remains of the ancient Thracian fortress "Mileona".
There is also the chapel of St. Forty Martyrs. About fifty meters more
down there is a large stone - "The Cauldron". It has a carved hole that looks like it
on a cauldron containing water. Even in the greatest heat the water in
The "cauldron" does not dry out, and the people who visit this place take a little
from it to spray their sick places, because there is a belief that it is healing.
There is a huge step of a person next to the healing water - they say that it is Krali Marko
stepped there and therefore bears the name of King Mark's step. In 1230 Tsar Ivan
Assen II chose the area of ​​Hasara, from where he observed and managed
the battle of Klokotnitsa. From there, like the palm of your hand, our great general saw
the whole battle defeat of Byzantium in the victory won when in captivity
the Epirus despot Cyrus Theodore Comnenus himself falls. The area was announced in
1968 for a cultural monument of architectural construction from the time of
Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Every year on March 22 - the day of the Saints
Forty Martyrs (old style) the fair of the village of Stalevo is held here.