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Dimitrovgrad - Historical and cultural sites

Architectural ensemble - Treti Mart Blvd.

With his vision it is an example for recognition of the value of the architectural heritage of the totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century and its connection with certain periods of the European history. Third March Boulevard, the square and the building located around it. The ensemble is an aesthetic solution to the style of a given era and an interesting look for connoisseurs of cultural tourism. The boulevard is part of the spatial a structure designed as a complex composition combining a street that is important entrance-exit city artery, and its adjacent square - secondary city center. The Workers' Dormitory and the Cultural Center were built later stage / in 1961 / and are deprived of the decorations in neoclassical style, typical for earlier buildings. With the construction of the square the neighborhood, which is working intended and intended for those working in the chemical industry, gets its center. A monumentality has been achieved, supported by architectural means from the tools of neoclassicism, but also from the Bulgarian Revival. In 2010 it was declared real estate cultural value by the Ministry of Culture.