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Dimitrovgrad - Historical and cultural sites

Vaptsarov Park

Vaptsarov Park is the oldest park in Dimitrovgrad and includes 821 decares of meadows and a 40-year-old oak forest. Alleys have been formed in the forest, and ornamental shrubs and trees have been planted along the central alley and in the grassy part. The park was built in an extremely short time - only for two years 1955 and 1956, mostly by voluntary work. The zoo is located in the park, which enjoys the exceptional interest of children. There can be seen a variety of animals - from exotic birds to bears. Sunny benches and shady alleys attract residents and guests of the city to relax.  In the park is located the Giordano Bruno National Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium (1962) - the first planetarium in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula and the second observatory in the country.