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Dimitrovgrad - Historical and cultural sites

Water tower

Water Tower - The water tower is considered one of the symbols of
Dimitrovgrad. The facility was built immediately after the launch of
The Baronhirsh Railway (June 1873) is one of the oldest historical and
architectural monuments in Dimitrovgrad. It was used for procurement
of water for the steam locomotives at Kayadjik railway station, later a village
Rakovski. Its area is 33 square meters of built-up area and is now in the center of
the newly built railway overpass with a roundabout. Given the protection
the historical memory of the city and its emblematic architectural
sites, it is envisaged that the Water Tower will be declared a cultural and
historical value and become an exhibition area presenting
the history of construction and development of the city. The goal is to get the water tower
become one of the most attractive and visited tourist sites in