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Dimitrovgrad - Historical and cultural sites

Penyo Penev Park

Penyo Penev Park - Penyo Penev Memorial Park is one of
the emblematic landmarks in the town of Dimitrovgrad. The park is located
on 365 decares and is unique with its 92 species of trees, shrubs and flowers. Is created
on a completely deforested area, on land that has been severely damaged in
result of previous quarry activity for limestone extraction. Designing of
significantly sloping terrain with displacement 40 meters high from south to north, c
the French Kelema locality, bordering the Gabera hilly locality.
The Gabera area was the favorite place of the poet Penyo Penev.
The three-dimensional and spatial composition is subordinated to the composition of the plan,
and rich vegetation and interesting plant compositions are designed.
The trends for their layout have been borrowed from the world exhibition
of park art, held in Italy in 1961. The park is dedicated
of the youth brigade movement and as a sign of respect for the poet Peño
Penev, underestimated in life and disappointed by the narrow-minded dogma of the regime.
The sculptures, the pieces engraved with verses, the white stone alleys with limestone
curbs, picturesque walkways and mosaic stairs, water cascades and
fountains are innovations in the landscaping architecture of Bulgaria in the 50s
and the 1960s. The park is located in the southern part of Dimitrovgrad. From
it reveals a beautiful view of the city. At its highest point
finds the Memorial of the poet Penyo Penev. Penyo Penev Park is a model of
synthesis between nature and art. In the best, unobtrusive way here
coexist sculpture and architecture with the park environment.