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Dimitrovgrad - Museums and cultural institutions

Museum of History

Historical Museum - Historical Museum - Dimitrovgrad is cultural and scientific
institute, established in 1951. It is the first contemporary museum in Bulgaria
history. Today, artifacts from the Neolithic to the present can be seen in it,
located in four exhibition halls. Among the more interesting of them are
the Neolithic man found in a necropolis near the Dimitrovgrad village of Krum,
exhibits tracing the construction of the first socialist city in
Bulgaria - Dimitrovgrad, household items and clothing of the local population
and others. The museum has the largest collection of items and documents for
the brigadier movement in Bulgaria, represented in the only one of its kind
Youth Brigade Movement Hall. The exhibition hall of the museum is a place for
diverse and attractive exhibitions, both from his ethnographic fund and
visiting from other museums and institutions. The museum building was built in
1969 by arch. Kr. Shopov. Historical Museum - Dimitrovgrad is one of
the sites of the movement "Discover Bulgaria" - 100 National Tourist
the site of the Bulgarian Tourist Union.
Work time:
Monday - Friday - 9:30 - 18:00
Saturday and Sunday - 9:30 -17: 30
tel: 0391/66787
e-mail: museumdg@mail.bg