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Petko Churchuliev Art Gallery

Petko Churchuliev Art Gallery - The City Art Gallery
"Petko Churchuliev" is an attractive center for fans of the visual
art. 10-12 exhibitions are organized annually in its halls. Exhibitions from the fund
of the gallery and of visiting art museums alternate with exhibitions of
contemporary artists, presented individually or collectively;
books and meetings with their authors are presented, screenings of
movies, concerts and forms of workshops. As an art museum gallery
holds over 2250 works by nearly 400 artists, set in
sections: Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Contemporary Art and Theatrical
poster. Along with the works of famous Bulgarian masters, they are in her collection
found works of artists who linked their creative path with
Dimitrovgrad. Part of the collection is the first work of Bulgarian
conceptual art - "File-box" by Nedko Solakov, received in
the municipal gallery back in 1988, as well as an autographed poster by Hristo
Yavashev (Christo).
Work time:
Tuesday-Saturday-9: 30-18: 00hrs
Sunday and Monday - weekends
tel: 0391/64502
e-mail: artgallery.dg@gmail.com