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Dimitrovgrad - Museums and cultural institutions

Penyo Penev City Library

Penyo Penev City Library is opened on 12 July 1953. Initially, they were the basis of her book fund served 5,000 volumes of books received as donations from libraries, enterprises, public organizations and citizens not only from the city but also from the whole country. It is clear from the library's first-year accounts that it is “a center of lively exchange of books and cultural and educational work with young people - the most numerous inhabitants of the city. " The library organizes cultural events with a specific public response. It is traditional to participate in organizing the "Dimitrovgrad Poetry Days" - publishing of bibliographic references for the winner of the National Literary Award "Penyo Penev" and the International Literary Prize in the name of the poet, hosting the laureates' meeting with citizens and guests of the city. All the activity of the Penyo Penev City Library - Dimitrovgrad proves its position - a modern, public information and cultural center.
Work time:
Monday - Friday - 8:30 - 18:00
Saturday and Sunday - 8:30 -12:30
tel: 0391/66956
e-mail: libdg@mail.bg