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Dimitrovgrad - Tourist attractions and events

The large bench, table and chair

The large bench, table and chair - A huge bench with a length of 6 meters and a height of 2.40
meters delights Dimitrovgrad residents since August 2011. She is behind
the building of the Municipality, at the entrance of Maritsa Park and next to it there are two more benches -
one medium in size and one miniature. The colloquial benches undoubtedly
attract the interest of residents and guests of the city who are in a hurry to take pictures for
memory. A table and chair "giants" are located next to the Big Bench
in front of the entrance of Maritsa Park. The table has an impressive size of 2.50 meters
height and width of the countertop 3 by 6 meters. The chair next to it is not small
impressive with a 3 meter height of the backrest, and the seat is 1.50 in
1.50 meters. Three people can sit on the 600 kg chair at the same time
souls. They were installed in August 2013.