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Dimitrovgrad - Tourist attractions and events

Holiday of Dimitrovgrad - September 2

Holiday of Dimitrovgrad - September 2 - Dimitrovgrad is one of the few
cities in the country who knows their exact date of birth. With Resolution №3 of
02.09.1947 The Council of Ministers decides: “The villages of Rakovski and Marino, Haskovska
district, and Chernokonevo, Chirpan district, are united in one settlement, which is
proclaims a city under the name Dimitrovgrad ”. This is no ordinary city, grown up
centuries at its roots, creating traditions, testing its historical strength.
Dimitrovgrad is a child of the new time, created to embody the hopes of
a whole generation. The celebrations on the occasion of the City Holiday continue
all week, culminating on September 2nd.
A rich holiday program delights the residents and guests of the city. Colorful folklore
palette, pop and rock artists from the home scene, charge the atmosphere of
the holiday and create a mood. Counting the years of Dimitrovgrad,
it comes with a festive firework that illuminates the sky over the city. With a real extravaganza from
sound and light Dimitrovgrad solemnly celebrates the years of its own