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Uzunköprü - Historical and cultural sites


Gazi (War Veteran) Turhan Bey Mausoleum is a mosque and mausoleum built for Gazi
Turhan Bey during the II. Murat and Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror period. He is II. Murat's
son-in-law and Conqueror Sultan Mehmet's brother-in-law.
Gazi Turhan Bey showed great success in the 2nd Kosovo and Varna Wars and played
an active role in the placement of Turkmen tribes to the conquered places in the Balkans. Gazi
Turhan is also the person whom prevented the aid coming from Europe during the conquest of Istanbul.Although the date of birth and death is not exactly known, it is known that he died in
the middle of 1456 and was buried in the Mausoleum built for him in Kırkkavak Village.
Due to his important activities, the Kırkkavak village which is 8 km away from
Uzunköprü was given to Gazi Turhan Bey as a reward in 1454 and there he built a large
complex. Evliya Çelebi – famous traveler visited this village in 1658 and he mentioned in his
Travelogue describing a mosque, a bath and caravanserai built there. Today, only the mosque
and its Mausoleum are left from this complex.
Gazi Mr.Turhan Mosque and Mausoleum have structurally the same characteristics as
the contemporary mausoleums and mosques. The mosque of the complex, which is very
simple in terms of decoration, was built with rubble stones and bricks, and its mausoleum was
built with a cut stone square plan and covered with a lead-covered dome. The mosque, which
has a single-balcony minaret, also has a wooden congregation porch. Gazi Mr. Turhan
mosque and mausoleum were opened to visitors in 2008.
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