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Uzunköprü - Museums and cultural institutions


The Orthodox Church, built in 1875 for St. John the Baptist (John the Baptist), has a very
important historical value. The building is made of rubble stone and in some parts bricks are
used for ornamental purposes. As a difference from other Churches in the Uzunköprü Baptist
Yahya Church, the hand-drawn ornaments are attracting the attention.
The church is a basilica type with three naves. There are frescoes belonging to that period in
the roof covered with Turkish tiles and the apse dome. All movable materials inside the
church were taken to Greece by Greeks living in Uzunköprü during the permutation period
(1924). One of the bells belonging to this church is still used in the Church located in Ksanthi,
Greece. It is known that around 17 thousand Greek citizens were baptized in this church by
John the Baptist in Uzunköprü. With the restoration works carried out by the Uzunköprü
Municipality in 2013, the historical church has gained its former magnificent appearance and
was opened as Uzunköprü Municipality Culture and Art House. Fener Greek Patriarch
Bartholomeos also participated in the opening of the house. The church, which hosts many
cultural and artistic events in the city, hosts also the world's second “Humanoid Stones
Museum” exhibition, similar to the exhibition made in Japan, visited by many visitors. The
Culture and Art House serves its visitors for free. The St. Ioannis Church is located in the
Muradiye Quarter, in the center of Uzunköprü. The bus station is 400 meters away and a 5-
minute walk away.
You can use the following communication channels to visit the Church, -Culture and Art
House. For more information: Phone: +90 284 513 11 43 (Extension: 1040-1044) Fax: +90
284 513 78 75