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Muradiye Mosque was built in the town of Uzunkopru 573 years ago by Sultan II. Murat. It is
the largest of the Ottoman cradle covered mosques. On the right front corner of the Muradiye
Mosque, there is a single balcony minaret made of cut stone and a roof bar. The fountain,
similar to the Otağ tent, is covered with a pyramid-shaped cone, and its upper roof is located
in the courtyard of the mosque in the shape of an octagonal prism.
The fountain has eight taps for the congregation to perform ablution before prayer, wooden
seats and depth so that the waters do not splash around. When it was first built, water was
supplied from the water network brought by Sultan Murad II from Malkoç.
The Muradiye Mosque was built in 1443 at the same time on Uzunkopru Bridge, which can
accommodate five hundred people at the same time. It is a selatin mosque. The height of the
mosque is 5.70 meters, 22x19m. and has three doors. Inside the mosque is a harim seated on
twelve wooden poles.
Sultan II. Murat gave great importance to the longest stone bridge in the world and the
Muradiye mosque. When it was first built, at the opening of The Muradiye complex with soup
kitchen and training place (medrese) belonging to the imaret, on the left side of the mosque,
II. Murat burned the candles of the mosque with his own hands and distributed the dishes to
his guests. The tradition of distributing sherbet after the worship during the Ottoman time was
started for the first time by pouring from the taps of the fountain of Muradiye Mosque. In
1621, II. Osman rebuilt the mosque and restored the walls with rubble stones. Muradiye
Mosque, located on the Gazi Mahmut street, is 700 meters from the bus terminal.
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