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Uzunköprü - Train stations and bus stations


The Uzunkopru Train Station is the railway station of TCDD – Turkish State Railways
located in Uzunkopru Municipality, District of Edirne. In the past, the products grown in the
villages of Uzunkopru, Ipsala, Kesan and Malkara were sent to Istanbul by train, which was
the capital then and it was possible easily to market and bring the goods there. The station was
built on 4 April 1873 by the Rumelian Railway (CO) Company as part of the Rumelian
Railway line. The historical station building’s architecture is attracting the interest of the
visitors- it is made by brickwork, covered with wooden coating instead of plaster.
The Uzunkopru train station has played a great role throughout the history connecting Istanbul
to Europe and it became a very important transportation point in Çanakkale Wars (Gallipoli
campaign). Orient Express Railway tours, which started in 1883, also passed through
Uzunkopru. The station also served the Friendship Express operating between Istanbul -
Thessaloniki until February 2011.
The name “Uzunkopru” was first used on the signboard in the train building in 1917. The
Uzunkopru train station still operates between Istanbul and Edirne. Operated by the State
Railways of the Republic of Turkey Uzunkopru Train Station carries passengers to Istanbul
with round-trip one time each day. Every day from the train station located in Demirtaş
neighborhood there is a train from Uzunkopru to Istanbul at 15:40 local time and it takes 3
hours and half to arrive in Istanbul.
The Uzunkopru train station is 4.3 km far away from the bus station.
For more information: District TCDD Station Chief, Tel: +90 284 513 48 05
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