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Uzunköprü - Train stations and bus stations


Uzunkopru is the point of the road connecting the Turkey with the Balkans and Europe. It is
located at 64 km from Edirne, 200 km from Istanbul, 70 km from Greece, 90 km from
Bulgarian Kaptain Andreevo border point and only 170 km from Dimitrovgrad.
Travel from Istanbul to Uzunkopru; if you want to come by using the airline, you will first
need to reach the Istanbul Airport. From here you have a distance of approximately 230 km 
to the center of Edirne. You can reach Uzunkopru from the center of Edirne by bus, after a 64
km journey. Travel from Istanbul Airport to Uzunkopru takes nearly 3 - 3,5 hours.
If you want to travel by bus, many companies from 15 Temmuz Şehitler Bus Terminal in
Istanbul organize bus transportation to Edirne. After nearly 2 hours, you will reach Edirne.
Various companies have bus line services from Edirne to Uzunkopru. From Ankara the
average distance to Uzunkopru is 750 km and from İzmir 570 km to Uzunkopru.
For those that want to travel by car from Dimitrovgrad to Uzunkopru; first you have to follow
the rout of Dimitar Blagoev Blvd., 3 Mart Blvd. 3rd Mart and 5th Mart and 6 km to follow the
Maritza highway. E80 leading to goal 49 minutes (75,7 km) Eskidaın. In order to head to
goal Turkey, you have to follow the rout of European highway /O-3/ E 80 which is 15min.
(11km) Leave of European highway /O-3/ E 80. In the crossroad near to Havsa, take the road
of D100 Edirne- Canakkale road; Uzunkopru is located on this road and you can get there
after 60 km from the crossroad.
For more information: +90 284 513 11 43 e-mail: kultursosyal@uzunkopru.bel.tr.